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There may be various forms of non-profitable organizations in India and such organizations can be registered under The Charitable Societies Act, Indian trust Act or as a non-profit company incorporated The Companies Act, 2013. The registration and management of these non-profitable organisations consists of complying with multiple rules and regulations of the state government.

These non-profitable organisations are also eligible for exemption from payment of income tax if they comply with the regulations laid down in The Income Tax Act. Further the donations received by these eligible entities are also exempt from payment of income tax in the hands of persons making the donations. Taking DARPAN registration from NITI AYOG also entitles these entities for various government grants. Also an entity receiving funds from foreign countries are also required to get FCRA registration.

Our mission is to help businesses conduct their operations in a seamless manner by providing superlative services in Financial Consulting, Tax Consulting, Management Consulting and other Consulting Services.

We help you register non-profitable organisation and advice on all compliance respective statutory laws. Our experts will take you through the process and procedures in an effortless manner. We remain the best in registration procedures and provide the following services in registration and related processes

  • Assist in the incorporation procedures of non-profitable organisations.
  • Section 12 A & 80G Certification from the Income tax department.
  • FCRA registration and compliance.
  • Registration under NITI AYOG for DARPAN etc.

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